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Closed Beta Test Registration


  • Dec 1st ~ Dec 14th (CST)



  1. * Register your email at 

  2. Check your inbox in the email that you registered.

  3. Redeem the beta test key on Steam.
    - Check how to redeem the Steam key here (Link).

  4. Enjoy DUBIUM​!

Beta Test 

▶ Dec. 15th ~ Dec. 21st**◀

  • North America : 5 pm to 12 am CST

  • Europe : 5 pm to 12 am CET

  • Korea : 5 pm to 12 am KST

* By registering your email, you provide consent to MUMO STUDIO to use your email address for contact regarding the beta test and official launch.

** The start and end times may be adjusted a few hours earlier or later on certain days, but the times listed above are when the servers will for sure be available.

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